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How It Works

It’s Taboo ® but for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

Access to mental health resources are important, but unless you have a therapist in your pocket, it’s hard to keep up with therapy by your lonesome during the week.


CBTech isn’t a chatbot or a platform to match you with therapists. It’s just software. But we think it makes therapy a little less hard, and a little more doable.

Ask CBTech

Let’s face it: Reading dense material when you’re having an episode is rough.

“I know this thinking is distorted, but which distortion is it?”

“I keep struggling with the same negative feedback loop. I’ve deconstructed it with my therapist before, but I don’t remember how.”

So stop going through the didactic pamphlets or trying to scan through rows on rows of thought journal entries to get help.

Ask CBTech!

Using machine learning, it’s able to retrieve a previously stored thought and its associated rational response or inform you which distortion a new thought falls into. It’s not a magic eight ball; the model has been trained on scores of data to provide an accurate classification. Of course, you don’t have to use what it tells you, it’s just a suggestion, but it could be that helping hand you need to get out of that rut you might be in.


There is a “me” in Team

Your therapist isn’t going to be available 24/7 to help you out. But what if you had multiple? Well, they may not be therapists, but these are people who you’ve shared your deepest inhibitions and darkest anxieties with and want you to succeed: Not your mom, your groupmates!

You’re allocated a weekly group stipend so you can group-source a negative thought to learn how someone else might combat it. These aren’t random strangers, they’ve taken a look under your hood, and understand the context.

Friendly Competition

Just one more reason to swat those pesky ANTs: You score some points for your team! Compete within your own outpatient group or against other OP groups for a top spot on the leaderboard and know that when you see your team name up there, you’re definitely healthier for it.


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