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Whose app is it, anyways?

It’s your app. CBTech was created to use patient-centric solutions to address painpoints with therapy identified by a patient: me.


My History

At age 16, I was diagnosed with clinical depression. I worked with a wide variety of psychiatrists and talk therapists. I experimented with different medication regimens, lifestyle changes, all in pursuit of recovery, however inevitably I would relapse into another depressive episode.


Then What

4 years ago, I experienced a severe depressive episode and was assigned to an intensive outpatient program. There, I was given rigorous information on cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and its application as a treatment to combat negative distorted thought patterns. Its logical framework, evidence-based outcomes, and established history were compelling, and I hoped to pursue it in earnest. But it was lonely, frustrating, and frankly, boring. And in group, I learned that other people felt the same way. I was eventually able to recover, but it took a lot longer than if I had practiced CBT consistently.

I recovered, obtained my degrees, and went about my life. But I couldn’t help but ask “what if”. Could I have saved myself years of anguish by just being more consistent with practicing therapy? Science says yes due to CBT’s efficacy being tied to its persistence with it. So I combed over the aspects of CBT I found painful, and created solutions to those hurdles in the form of CBTech.


Now What

I want to see it in action! I’ve created an app that I know would’ve saved my sixteen-year-old self a lot of heartache, but I’m hoping it will do the same for you.

I’m looking for clinical partners to help assess CBTech in a controlled setting. 

Please contact me if this sounds like you and help me get CBTech into the hands of the people who need it most.

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